Atelier del Marmo, craftsmanship and design

The protagonist of the Home in the Italian Luxury, ATELIER DEL MARMO young and dynamic in mind, uses over 30 years of experience in the processing of precious marbles, semi-precious stones and onyx retro enlightened. ATELIER DEL MARMO has gradually built a solid KNOW HOW, based on a wise combination of artisan mastery, design , high productive capacity and cutting-edge technological systems, maintaining the best of tradition but continuously innovating, in a refined synthesis of style , taste and culture Italian.

The technical knowledge, the meticulous attention to detail, the systematic organization of work, the speed of execution and assembly expressed by the company in the complex works of the contract, combined with creativity, have allowed ATELIER DEL MARMO to collaborate with luxurious HAUTE COUTURE brands.

Each project becomes an opportunity for ATELIER DEL MARMO to give life to a MASTERPIECE , unique and precious.


Who We Are .

To be irreplaceable you have to be different

Coco Chanel


Design & Custom Made

The collaboration with a designer passionate about marble material , a lover of experimentation and cultural and stylistic contamination led to experimenting and developing a new use of the marble material, combining it with another equally noble and fragile material: glass . From this "impossible marriage", a totally new and innovative concept was born, which challenges the laws of physics and amazes at first glance for elegance and technical ardor: "Zero Gravity" is in fact the line of furnishing accessories made in lightened marble and extra-clear glass assembled without any use of metals or hardware, thanks to specific research on latest-generation adhesives that allow daring technical solutions while maintaining total invisibility

But designers and companies did not stop here, also signing "Prismaterica" ​​an exclusive collection of vases in solid marble and extra-clear glass cut "diamond" , sealing this new pairing of apparently fragile materials in a one harmonic whole. Collaboration with expert designers ensures maximum yield and enhancement of the material and its use, enhancing its uniqueness (vein design, translucency characteristics, inclusions, purity, etc.). The strength of ATELIER DEL MARMO is the Custom-Made (or Tailor-Made), that is the absolute propensity and aptitude to conceive, design, execute, implement and put in place totally customized creations ( "sartorial") built on the client's needs and personality.

Atelier Choices

The importance of the choice of stone material is such for ATELIER DEL MARMO that it is placed as an absolute priority, making the choice directly in the quarry or by the large international importers , examining every single slab or block, signing it for ensure their identification until arrival at the plant: obsessive attention to the quality and detail that distinguishes ATELIER DEL MARMO from the rest of the competitors.

In particular, the in-depth knowledge in the processing of fine marble (in particular onyx, alabaster, travertine, and extra statuary Carrara), combined with a personal use of machinery for processing, allows an absolutely special rendering of the work, clearly above average , enhancing the artisan wisdom, the accuracy of the execution, the realization style .

Our Staff


Massimo Basso

Managing Director

Sabrina Ghedin

Office Manager

Emiliano Casagrande

Product Manager

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Sales Manager

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Sales Representative

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